How to Play DVD in Ubantu


Ubuntu will probably not be able to play most of the DVDs that you own. This isn’t because of an oversight on the part of the Ubuntu developers; it’s simply because most DVDs you might buy are encrypted with a system called CSS (Content Scrambling System). While video-player packages such as totem-gstreamer, totem-xine, xine, mplayer, and vlc can all play unencrypted DVDs, to play CSS-encrypted DVDs, you will have to
actually circumvent the encryption scheme. (Note that in certain countries circumventing CSS is not legal, so here is a good place to stop reading and and phone up your attorney before proceeding.)

Ubuntu actually makes this process very simple. The first step is to install one of the aforementioned video-player packages along with the libdvdread3 package, if they aren’t installed, so use your preferred package-installation tool to do so .

After you install libdvdread3, you must run the script it provides to download and install the libdvdcss2 libraries you need. Open a terminal and run the following script:

$ sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/examples/install-css. sh
--20: 19: 23-- http: //www. dtek. chalmers. se/groups/dvd/deb/libdvdcss2_1. 2. 5-1_
i386. deb
=> ` /tmp/libdvdcss. deb'
Resolving www. dtek. chalmers. se. . . 129. 16. 30. 198
Connecting to www. dtek. chalmers. se| 129. 16. 30. 198| : 80. . . connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response. . . 200 OK
Length: 25, 178 (25K) [ text/plain]

100%[ ====================================>] 25, 178 55. 66K/s

20: 19: 25 (55. 54 KB/s) - ` /tmp/libdvdcss. deb' saved [ 25178/25178]
(Reading database . . . 59605 files and directories currently installed. )
Preparing to replace libdvdcss2 1. 2. 5-1 (using /tmp/libdvdcss. deb) . . .
Unpacking replacement libdvdcss2 . . .
Setting up libdvdcss2 (1. 2. 5-1) . . .

That’s all. Now to play a DVD, just insert it into your computer’s DVD
player. Ubuntu is configured by default to automatically open DVD video with the Totem media player. If you want to toggle that setting, click System ➝ Preferences ➝ Removable Drives and Media, click the Multimedia tab in the window that appears, and check or uncheck the checkbox next to “Play video DVD disks when inserted” . From the window that appear , you can also change the default program used to open DVDs. Just change the default video player from totem to your program of choice.

To start Totem manually, click Applications ➝ Sound & Video ➝ Movie Player, then click Movie ➝ Play Disc to open your movie. Totem provides a simple interface to navigate through a movie—with standard Play/Pause, previous track, and next track buttons on the main window, along with a sliding bar you can use to quickly skip through a movie. When you are finished watching the movie, click Movie ➝ Eject or hit Ctrl-E from within Totem .