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Watch TV on Your Linux Computer


Every TV hardware that is Tv Tuner is installed in your computer but still your are not able to watch TV on it . so what Next ?
This Blog covers some of the Linux tools you can use to configure your TV tuner and watch TV with it from your Linux desktop.

How to take Screenshot in Linux

A picture is worth a thousand words , when you need to document anything . in microsoft window its the one of simple thing we can do .
there are many ways and utilities through which a screen shot can be taken in Linux . In this Blog we are sharing simple way to take Screenshot .

How to Configure Mouse in Linux

friend's in this blog we are sharing the way through which u can make full use of your mouse in Linux environment . as we know Mouse is one of most important device of any system and it always help in reducing efforts .

Each button has its function. Left-handed users often find it helpful to switch the functionality of the left and right buttons. All users may want to customize the size of the cursor, as well as the speed of motion. Many users may have problems with the scroll wheel.

The middle mouse button is important for some users. It activates a pop-up menu in the KDE desktop environment, and it pastes recently highlighted text into editors and the command-line interface.

How to Configuring Sound in Linux

This is one of problem we face after installing Linux successfully . Sound Play major role in exploring different sites . in this blog we are discussing simple configuration of sound .
If your system includes a sound adapter supported by Red Hat Linux, you can use sndconfig to configure your adapter. If you're unsure whether your system's sound adapter is supported, check the Red Hat Linux hardware compatibility database at Several popular cards are not fully compatible with Red Hat Linux, so it's best to check the database before wasting time trying to configure incompatible hardware.

To configure your system's adapter, launch a terminal window and issue the following commands:

How to Add Printer in Linux !!

There are many ways to configure printer in Linux system , in this blog we are sharing most common method through which a printer can be installed . . . .
we can add a printer by entering a printer capability definition in the system printer capability database, printcap. This file is found under the /etc directory, and is a text file that can be changed only by the root operator.

How to use FTP cmd in Linux !!


Use the ftp (file transfer) command to download files directly to your computer from another computer on the Internet. ftp supports the standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and was originally designed to transfer files to and from other networked computers on the Internet.

ftp, found under the /usr/bin directory, has five command-line options and dozens of built-in commands. Use this program from the command line of the console or a terminal window, followed by a name of a remote computer, like this:

Useful Keys and How to Get Them to Work in Linux


When you type a command, pressing the Backspace key should remove the last character. Ctrl-U should delete the line from the cursor to the beginning of the line, thus this key combination will delete the whole line if the cursor is at the end of the line.[a] When you have finished entering a command, and it is executing, Ctrl-C should abort it, and Ctrl-Z should suspend it. (When you want to resume the suspended program, enter fg for "foreground.")

[a] Ctrl-U means hold down the Control key and press u.

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