How to Add Printer in Linux !!

There are many ways to configure printer in Linux system , in this blog we are sharing most common method through which a printer can be installed . . . .
we can add a printer by entering a printer capability definition in the system printer capability database, printcap. This file is found under the /etc directory, and is a text file that can be changed only by the root operator.

How to use FTP cmd in Linux !!


Use the ftp (file transfer) command to download files directly to your computer from another computer on the Internet. ftp supports the standard File Transfer Protocol (FTP) and was originally designed to transfer files to and from other networked computers on the Internet.

ftp, found under the /usr/bin directory, has five command-line options and dozens of built-in commands. Use this program from the command line of the console or a terminal window, followed by a name of a remote computer, like this:

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