Gaming in Linux

Gone are the days when Linux was only used by Geeks. Now a days many people are using Linux as their primary operating system. Another reason is that many Computer Manufacturers now ship their machines with pre-installed Linux Distributions. It reduces the cost to the customers significantly.

Linux can be easily used as the primary system and all kind of day to day softwares like Music Player, Video Player, Word Processing etc can easily be installed on it but some people still complain that installing games is still not possible on linux as most gaming companies either make their games for PS2, Xbox or windows. Linux is usually ignored. What a pitty.

Though this is not true for all the games. Games like Quake can be easily be played on linux. There is a separate package of this game for linux. Apart from that party poker has also become very popular these days. Many of my friends are really hooked to it.

Using Wine linux users can play the windows based games. Though it doesnt work for all the games but if the game is not very graphic intensive then it should surely work with wine and you can enjoy it on your linux system.

Now a days many games can only be played online, which is not really a concern for linux users because they are usually flash based games and works perfectly on linux machine. A Java plugin may also be required for playing such games. so how do you start finding about these games. Well I will leave it up to you. Yes, just go to and typing in online flash games and you will get many sites where you can start playing the games.

In case you can to install the windows based games in linux then you can try to install Wine:

Have fun playing!

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