How to Play DVD in Ubantu


Ubuntu will probably not be able to play most of the DVDs that you own. This isn’t because of an oversight on the part of the Ubuntu developers; it’s simply because most DVDs you might buy are encrypted with a system called CSS (Content Scrambling System). While video-player packages such as totem-gstreamer, totem-xine, xine, mplayer, and vlc can all play unencrypted DVDs, to play CSS-encrypted DVDs, you will have to
actually circumvent the encryption scheme. (Note that in certain countries circumventing CSS is not legal, so here is a good place to stop reading and and phone up your attorney before proceeding.)

Linux in Offices

Do you want to setup a Mail Server or Do you want more security for you network. Linux is the Operating System for you.

Mail Server



Linux in Homes

Who needs an expensive Operating System. Use Linux. It's free and it offers everything you need from a Desktop computer. Linux can be used at homes for daily use.


There are many good Open Source applications to play your music and movies.

  • Xmms
  • Mplayer
  • Real Player
  • VLC Player

Open Office

Open Office is similar to Microsoft Office and offer lot of features.

  • Spreadsheet
  • Presentations
  • Documents

Internet & Chat

Browse the net. Chat with your friends. Talk to them over the net. Yes, Linux offers everything.

  • Firefox
  • Pidgin: Chat with your Yahoo/Gmail/AIM/Jabber/MSN friends
  • Skype: Yes, Yes, Yes. Skype is available for Linux also

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