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Welcome to LinuxIndya.com

The purpose of this site is to help you in adopting Linux. You will find amazing and great tutorials and tips. Enjoy

Many people think that Linux Operating System is only for people who are Geeks or Techies. They think that Linux cannot be used as a Desktop for daily use. People are actually scared of it. This was true years back when Linux development was in early stages and working on Linux was not possible without the knowledge of commands and Shell scripting. Linux has now become a User Friendly Desktop. These days Many Linux distros (flavors) are available which can be used either for development purpose (Fedora) or also as a Daily use Desktop (Ubuntu).

Linux is based on Open Source technology i.e. the source code is available to anyone. It can be modified and distributed freely. Developers all over the world work together and contribute to the development of Linux applications. Linux now offers wide range of applications for Office Suite, Internet, Mailing, Chat, and Educational or Scientific purpose. Thanks to the programmers and testers all over the world who have contributed in developing these applications.

We are focused to promote Linux Operating System especially in India. Linux can be a great tool for educational purposes. It can be used in schools or colleges. Linux can be good replacement for Windows Operating System. You can setup your mail server on Linux or run web server like Apache on it. There is practically nothing, which cannot be done on Linux. For all the Windows software there exist equally good or better Linux software.

On this site you will find information related to Open Source technologies. We are focused on promoting Linux and to make it available to more and more people. We provide consultation and Linux Support for your needs. This site will act as a resource pool and we post articles related to Open Source technologies.